How do we act when “no one” is around? Is it the same as when we are with our spouses, among friends or at the masjid? Are our deeds better when alone or do we project to the public a level of piety that we simply do not possess?

Why This Conference

Confronting an era of superficiality

We live in an era where it is easy to maintain outward appearances that are not in sync with our inner selves

Bring the community closer to Allah

At a time when so many of us struggle with iman, we feel it is important to equip the Muslim community with tools to remain steadfast..

Teaching Sincerity

Addressing the urgency of aligning our secret lives with our open ones, matching the inner self to what one projects outwardly.

Planting seeds of change

When the Muslim community posesses a strong level of faith collectively, and changes what is within themselves, we will see changes reflected on a broader level.

December 8 2019

The Highline Venue

Level 3, 462 Chapel Road Bankstown, NSW, 2200


On The Day:

World-class Speakers

Lectures delivered by some of the most qualified and inspiring speakers.

Visit the Bazaar

A huge range of carefully selected bazaars on the day! Discover unique goods and amazing experiences.

Comprehensive Panels

Panels on important topics with speakers from a diverse range of fields.

Creative performances

Educational entertainment that will keep the crowd enthralled.

Conference-day schedule:






9:15 am


Open Registration Bazaar


9:45 am


Quran Recitation


9:50 am



Conference Start


10:00 am


Talk 1

Yahya Ibrahim

How to create ‘invisible deeds’

10:30 am


Talk 2

Bilal Dannoun

Neverdespair of Allah’s mercy

11:00 am


Talk 3

Hassan Elsetohy

Few of my servants are thankful

11:30 am






11:45 am



Break – DHUHR 

1:00 pm


Talk 4 Sisters Only Session

Sara Hassan

The Islamic remedy for sadness

1:40 pm


Talk 5 Sisters Only Session

Ust. Umm Jamaal Ud-Din

The Power of Knowledge

2:20 pm


Talk 6 Sisters Only Session

Calisha Bennett

Hidden Islam? Holding onto the deen in these times

3:00 pm



Essam Muhammad

Spoken Word

3:15 pm



Calisha Bennett + Yahya Ibrahim + one other

The ease of crafting appearances in the social media age

3:50 pm



Zaky meet and greet


4:00 pm



Break – ASR 

5:00 pm



Essam Muhammad


5:15 pm


Talk 7

Omar Marzouk

Your legacy begins at home

5:45 pm


Talk 8

Yahya Ibrahim

Every “Son of Adam” has something to hide

6:15 pm


Talk 9

Omar Marzouk + Sara Hassan

men are from Makkah, women are from Madinah

6:45 pm


Talk 10

Essam Muhammad

Your mirror, peer pressure

7:15 pm


Talk 11

Charity Right


7:30 pm





7:45 pm





8:00 pm



Break – MAGHRIB 

10:00 am


Workshop 1

Ust. Umm Jamaal Ud-Din

Improving mental resilience through understanding al Qadar

10:50 am



Omar Marzouk & Sara Hassan


11:40 am





1:00 pm


Workshop 3

Dean Mousad

Pornography Addiction

1:50 pm


Workshop 4

Calisha Bennett

Tips to own your identity


2:40 pm




3:20 pm


Workshop 5

Ziyad Serhan

Mental Health

4:00 pm


Workshop 7


Conference begins in:



We are pleased to be joined by some of the best and brightest that the Ummah has to offer:


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