Twins of Faith 2020 has unfortunately been postponed due to the COVID19 situation. For further enquiries please email us at melbourne@twinsoffaith.com



To be confirmed


To be confirmed

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Twins of Faith 2020 has unfortunately been postponed due to the COVID19 situation. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have already purchased tickets, we will be sending you an email. If you have not received an email by 31 March 2020, please contact us at melbourne@twinsoffaith.com . Jazaak Allah Khair for your support & understanding.

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The Schedule

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TimeItemTitleSpeaker / Performer
11:00 AMRegistraion Opens  
12:20 PMPrayer


[Open to Twins of Faith Attendees Only]

2:20 PMQur’an Recitation  
2:25 PMMC – WelcomeMaster of CeremoniesRamzy Alamudi
2:30 PMTalkInvisible InkBilal Ismail
2:30 PMTeens Workshop – Girls Only (10 years +)Bloom Into The Beautiful In YouSummayyah Sadiq-Ojibara
3:00 PMTalkNever DespairMohammed Qutub
3:35 PMBreak
4:30 PMQur’an Recitation  
4:35 PMTalkThe Rat RaceAhmad Saleem
4:40 PMTeens WorkshopWhy aren’t my duas being answered?Mohammed Qutub
5:05 PMTalkInvisible Action to Visible TransformationIsmail Davids
5:40 PMBreak
7:10 PMTeens Workshop – Boys Only (10 years +)Your MirrorNor Shanino, Essam Muhammad
7:15 PMQur’an Recitation  
7:20 PMSponsorGreen Crescent 
7:35 PMTalkFew of My Servants are ThankfulBilal Ismail
8:05 PMTalkDark SecretsWael Ibrahim
8:15 PMWorkshopUnbreakable!Kathryn Jones
8:35 PMEntertainmentNasheedSiedd, Essam Muhammad
9:05 PMMultimedia PresentationJourney through the HeavensMuhammad West
TimeItemTitleSpeaker / Performer
10:00 AMQur’an Recitation  
10:05 AMMC – WelcomeMaster of CeremoniesAiche Merhi
10:10 AMTalk – Sisters OnlyInvisible Pens – When a Woman WritesSummayyah Sadiq-Ojibara
10:10 AMWorkshopIn the Gardens of ScholarsBilal Ismail
10:45 AMTalk – Sisters OnlyThe Power of KnowledgeUmm Jamaal ud-Din
10:55 AMWorkshopRethinking our approach to RamadanMuhammad West
11:20 AMTalk – Sisters OnlyHow to do 5 Secret Good Deeds Every Day!Zohra Sarwari
11:40 AMWorkshopThe unseen forces behind ZakatMunir Abdella
11:55 AMTalk  – Sisters Only#TenYearChallengeSara Hassan
12:30 PMBreak
1:15 PMWorkshop – Sisters OnlyAs a Matter of Fiqh – Open Q&A SessionUmm Jamaal Ud-Din
1:45 PMWorkshopParenting for ParadiseKathryn Jones
1:55 PMQur’an Recitation  
2:00 PMTalk#RelationshipGoalsSara Hassan & Omar Marzouk
2:30 PMPanel DiscussionTOF Talks: IslamophobiaUmm Jamal, Summayyah Sadiq,

Mohammed Qutub,
Jazeer Nijamudeen
2:35 PMTeens Workshop – Boys Only (12 years +)Teens on ScreensWael Ibrahim
3:30 PMBreak
4:20 PMQur’an Recitation  
4:25 PMTalkQiyaam: VIP Access to GoodnessWael Ibrahim
4:55 PMEntertainmentSpoken WordKamal Saleh
5:10 PMTalkOppression is DarknessBilal Ismail
5:45 PMBreak
7:15 PMQur’an Recitation  
7:15 PMWorkshop3 Mistakes One Should Never Make Before They Get MarriedZohra Sarwari
7:20 PMTalkBoard of Imams VictoriaImam Alaa El Zokm
7:40 PMTalkParagons of ConsistencyMohammed Qutub
8:10 PMTalkThe Human TouchAhmad Saleem
8:10 PMWorkshopSpiritual Abuse in the Community (open to both brothers & sisters)Umm Jamaal Ud-Din
8:40 PMEntertainmentNasheedSiedd & Essam Muhammad
9:10 PMMultimedia PresentationBuilding Your Akhira PortfolioMuhammad West
9:55 PMMC – End
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Time Item Title Speaker / Performer
10:00 AM Qur’an Recitation
10:05 AM Workshop In the Gardens of Righteous Bilal Ismail
10:05 AM MC – Welcome Master of Ceremonies Aiche Merhi
10:10 AM Talk – Sisters Only Overcoming the Feeling of Envy Umm Jamaal ud-Din
10:45 AM Talk – Sisters Only The Waiting Rooms of Allah – While We Pray Summayyah Sadiq-Ojibara
10:50 AM Workshop Between the Summit and the Nadir Mohammed Qutub
11:20 AM Talk – Sisters Only Make or Break Sara Hassan
11:35 AM Workshop Filter Your Ramadan Ahmad Saleem
11:55 AM Talk – Sisters Only The Road Less Traveled: Change Needs Abandoning Sin Zohra Sarwari
12:30 PM Break
1:15 PM Workshop – Sisters Only As a Matter of Fiqh – Open Q&A Session Umm Jamaal Ud-Din
1:40 PM Workshop Becoming You: A Journey of Dreaming, Daring And Decrees Summayyah Sadiq-Ojibara
1:50 PM Qur’an Recitation
1:55 PM Talk It is but your Deeds Wael Ibrahim
2:25 PM Entertainment Spoken Word Kamal Saleh
2:30 PM Teens Workshop Youth Panel – Islam, Islamophobia, Identity Ammar Haque, Nor Shanino, Saadia Bekhit, Ahmed El-Kiki
2:50 PM Talk Ihsaan Alaa ElSayed
3:25 PM Break
4:20 PM Qur’an Recitation
4:25 PM Talk Deceiving Appearances Mohammed Qutub
4:25 PM Workshop [Strictly for Married or Engaged Couples Only] Men are from Makkah, Women are from Madinah Omar Marzouk and Sara Hassan
4:55 PM Fundraiser R.O.I. Guaranteed Alaa ElSayed
5:40 PM Break
7:00 PM Workshop [Strictly for Married or Engaged Couples Only] Men are from Makkah, Women are from Madinah Omar Marzouk and Sara Hassan
7:20 PM Qur’an Recitation
7:25 PM Talk Twins of Evil Ahmad Saleem
7:25 PM Teens Workshop Small + Few is … Big + Powerful Alaa Elsayed
7:55 PM Talk Mocked: The Story of Surah Al-Kauthar Bilal Ismail
8:25 PM Entertainment Nasheed Essam Muhammad, Kamal Saleh, Siedd
9:00 PM Multimedia Presentation The Moment You Finally Meet Allah Muhammad West
9:50 PM MC – End


  • An action packed conference with something for the entire family
  • Inspiring talks by local & international speakers
  • Halal entertainment from leading nasheed, spoken word and other artists
  • Practical Workshops- To answer all your questions!
  • Bazaar with everything Islamic you need under one roof
  • Food & Drinks to take a break from the talks and relax with friends & family.
  • Panel Discussions - let's tackle all those unspoken issues!


More speakers & performers to be confirmed soon!


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